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Medical care always brings up many questions, especially for treatments that are not widely known. At Elevate Personalized Medicine, we encourage potential patients to ask questions so that you feel fully educated about what to expect when you come to us. We want each patient to be comfortable with our level of knowledge and with the quality of our care and to be confident that you are placing your health in good hands.

Do you accept insurance?

Appointments at Elevate Personalized Medicine are conducted on a cash-basis method of payment. However, you can utilize insurance to help cover the cost of any labs or diagnostic screenings we may need. Because our visits are more comprehensive than those offered in a traditional medical practice; and by not billing insurance, we are more free to do exactly what you need rather than only what is covered by insurance.

What type of testing do you do?

We use a combination of approaches. We work in partnership with LabCorp, Quest and ProHealth to conduct traditional lab testing, although some patients may need to find a source specifically covered by their medical insurance. We also utilize more innovative lab kits developed by various companies for tests including:

  • Hormones via saliva and urine samples
  • Diversity of the gut microbiome via stool testing
  • Food sensitivities and micronutrient testing via blood

We also conduct genetic testing to aid us in developing a more personalized treatment plan. Most of the diagnostic companies we use provide services covered to some degree by insurance.

Can you fix my problem in one visit?

While some cases are straightforward - hormone cases are fairly easy to diagnose and treat, some people who seek care at Elevate Personalized Medicine have been experiencing symptoms for a long time. Chronic conditions can take time to fully determine the cause of your symptoms and to develop the necessary treatment plan to reverse those symptoms.

Can I use my HSA or FSA account to pay for visits at Elevate?

Yes, but we recommend that you check with your HR department to be sure that the details of your account do include services provided by health care facilities outside of traditional settings.

Do I still need a primary care physician if I’m working with the team at Elevate?

Yes. We do not provide acute medical services.

How much is the initial consultation?
Initial consultations cost $500. However, if you complete the medical history 48 hours prior to your appointment, we will reduce the fee to $400.
Should I bring anything with me to the consultation?

If you have recent lab results or any pertinent medical records, please bring them with you to the appointment so that they can be reviewed. They can also be submitted prior to the appointment, which will provide the benefit of allowing us to begin your appointment with greater knowledge of your case. Also bring any medications and supplements that you are currently taking.

Why is my doctor not practicing Functional Medicine if it really does work?

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates

One very important distinction to look for in a Functional Medicine provider is that they are highly trained in the field. Not everyone has the same level of training, and you want to be sure you see someone skilled. Further, new methods of treatment take an average of 17 years to make their way into mainstream medicine, and many traditional providers have not yet been convinced that it is effective. In addition, the abandonment of the “pill for every ill” model in favor of adopting the practice of Functional Medicine would greatly disrupt the profitability of traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Why should I believe that Functional Medicine will work for me, when nothing else has?

Functional Medicine is personalized rather than being disease-centered, which allows us to treat the specific needs of each patient using factors such as genetics, lifestyle, personal and family medical history.

Are all Functional Medicine practitioners and programs the same?

If they are Board Certified, Functional Medicines providers are similar. It is critical to ensure your provider is Board Certified.

Functional Medicine is too expensive. Why should I consider it?

Functional Medicine is actually the more affordable option if one starts to add up the cost for functional care versus the mounting and unpredictable cost of care for conditions that will continually need treatment through traditional medicine.

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to optimizing your health. At Elevate Personalized Medicine, we encourage our patients to be proactive by asking questions. Together, we can find the answers that will bring you better health.

Take charge of your health and ask questions. Call the team of at Elevate Personalized Medicine to learn more about our practice today.