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At Elevate Personalized Medicine, we believe that the road less traveled is the path to wellness. This less-traveled road is the very basis of our methods in practice, as it is one that seeks out and treats the root cause of a condition rather than simply treating the symptoms. For example, with mold illness, you may have a variety of debilitating symptoms, and if you treat only the symptoms, you will not see real improvement. Until you identify that mold is the culprit, you will continue to suffer effects. Identifying the root cause of your ailments is critical to improving your health and wellbeing. Because health is a personal journey that takes dedication and commitment, we take a personalized approach to create a plan that will make that journey a successful one.

To begin your journey to optimal health and wellness, please complete the New Patient Form and tell us about the health concerns you are facing. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will be contacted by a patient care coordinator to further discuss how our practice in Functional Medicine might benefit you.

During our first appointment, we will assess your needs and determine what might be necessary as we work through the process of finding the root cause of your condition. We want each appointment with Elevate to bring you reassurance that you are on the road to optimal health. Together, we will build a relationship of trust and understanding, identify the root cause and implement a personalized plan, supported by Jessica and Kara.

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